The Girl Scout Cookie Dilemma

I've been debating how to deal with what we shall call "The Girl Scout Cookie Dilemma." You know, you want to support a good cause, and you happen to get cookies back for your good deed.  Or popcorn.  Or wrapping paper. Or any of those fundraisers where you help by getting something in return.

These are really well meaning effort to raise money, and often give some kiddo the chance to practice some entrepreneurship as well. But can you really declare that the $5 you spent was 100% philanthropy?

I will be counting these towards my total as well, but I will be counting what I estimate the difference between "cookies" and "Girl Scout Cookies" is in price.  Yes, there will be some fudge factor (pun intended).  If you have just purchased $1,000 in Girl Scout cookies, I will leave you to decide how much of that is "charitable" and how much is "delicious cookies." I would probably count about a third of the price.

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