Monday, April 29, 2013

Crawl for a Cause!

Big Announcement: For my Birthday Party, I'm going to host a fundraiser Pub Crawl. And you are all invited.

Crawl for a Cause!
July 20
Seattle Bars (TBA, depending on attendance)
Cost $20*

The growing body of knowledge related to this even will be found here, on the tumblr. Here are the key features.  My friends, family, or total strangers should decided to participate.  The cost is $20 (we'll get back to this). You will decide to participate, and for a team of 3-5 people, and fundraise for the charity of your choice.  We'll try to post get some motivating shenanigans as we approach the date (which is what the tumblr is for).

On the day of the Main Event (July 20), we'll all get together for scavenger hunt type activities in a couple of pubs (once we figure out how many people are coming, we can decide on the locations).  There, we'll compete for the money everyone pitched in for entry fees to be donated to thier charities.  Basically, have fun for charity, right?

Here is how you can get invovled:

You think this is a great idea, and have time for hanging out in pubs on July 20.  Grab a few friends, pick a charity and start fund raising.  My friend Adam (who has been the real brains behind this operation) has some fantastically fun ideas for raising money, and I think it might be prize worthy. **.

You think this is a cool idea, minus the part where people go to bars, or are social.  You mostly just support the charity part.  Donate money to the event (ie, send it to me), and I can use it to donate to teams to motivate them during the fundraising period, and to be part of the Grand Prizes we give to charities on the day.

You think this is a cool idea, but can't come and don't have money to donate. We are also looking for non-monetary donations (ie, art, toys, terribly bad gag gifts) to give to teams themselves as souvenirs of my favorite birthday party and prizes for things like **Most creative Fundraising efforts, Most spirited team, Best Costumes (I'm pro-costume) etc. 

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