Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dinner to the Shelter

I took dinner to the Landing again last night. A few thoughts:
  • crock pots are awesome for large meals.
  • it may not be possible to cook more than 1 lb of rice at once without burning some of it
  • using the "hostess food guide estimations" for how much people eat at a party does not translate well to estimating the food needed for the food insecure. 6 oz of meat and 2 ounces of starch is a good rule of thumb for a cocktail party, but not really for people who might only eat one real meal a day.

Last night, it took me long enough to lay out dinner (Belezean Stew Chicken, Rice and Beans, salad and cookies) that there were some people lining up to come in when I left. They said thanks for bringing dinner.

I remain surprised that the people who come to stay at the shelter don't look homeless to me. They don't look rich. They don't look like they have anywhere else to be. But they are wearing clean clothes, have brushed their hair, and look a little down. They hang together in small groups. They are young. They are polite, and quiet. I'm relieved that they don't look like the long-term homeless I walk by every day in Seattle. But this is part of their problem- they don't really look, outright, like people who need help.

It aches my heart to think about how different my own life would have needed to be, and how different my life is, than these kids. It's complicated for me, but I take it to heart that the staff says a warm meal makes a big difference for them. I want something better for the homeless youth, and if a warm meal helps, I can provide that.

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